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kradam_notice's Journal

The Kradam Notice Board
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Kradam Noticeboard!

This community has been modeled on the [LJ account] numb3rs_notice community and will follow roughly the same rules.

[LJ account] kradam_notice is for announcing any and all Kradam fanfic, graphics, vids, and discussion posts, and for sharing Kradam news. In general, the goal of this community is to be a centralized bulletin board to point Kradam fans in the direction of things that interest them.
1. Only Kradam related posts are welcome here.

2. Please use the subject line to mark an entry as: Fic, Graphics, Vid, Discussion or News (or whatever fits the bill).

3. Please do not post entire stories or discussions here, just links.

4. Please use cut tags for long posts.

5. Please be respectful when posting announcements, and please make sure that you are only linking to publicly-available material.

6. Please *do* announce your own work here, don't be shy, and please encourage other Kradam posters to do the same. You may also post to direct people to fanworks or discussion that have been posted by others.
Mod Information
Your mod is [LJ account] mercilynn, with assistance from [LJ account] maerhys47 and [LJ account] spikedluv. You can reach [LJ account] mercilynn with any questions at mercilynn@gmail.com.
Affiliate Information
If you would like to affiliate with us, please comment here.

Pimping Code

credits: profile codes, layout codes, header image, tiny icons
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